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Card Valet

A better way to manage your Gates Banking and Trust Company Debit Card and Checking Account is now here!

You may have heard of My Mobile Money, an app previously offered by Gates Banking and Trust Company to help you control and monitor card usage anywhere, anytime using your mobile phone. However, Gates Banking and Trust Company has transitioned to an even better way to control your account, with Card Valet. Card Valet is a new app offered by Gates Banking and Trust Company to help you better control and monitor card usage anywhere, anytime using your mobile phone. With Card Valet you can protect your card from fraud by setting alerts and controls to determine how your card can be used. And, if you misplace your card, you can use the app to turn it off . . . and then turn it back on when you find it!

You can also use Card Valet to manage your spending. With customizable controls, alerts for spending limits, and easy-to-find account balances, you can set a budget and stick to it.

Keep an Eye on Your Card with Transaction Alerts.

A wide range of alert options make Card Valet an app that meets your specific needs. You can set alerts for:

All card activity
Spend limits
Card Not Present transactions
International transactions
Card Status changes
Specific Merchant category purchases
Dependent Card activity
Card Controls Help Protect Your Account from Fraud
To being using Card Valet, visit the Apple App or Google Play store and search for the app "Card Valet." Download the app to your phone and follow these simple steps:

1. Open the app and have your debit card handy

2. Click the "Sign up free" button

3. Enter/scan your debit card number

4. To verify your identity, enter you name, CVV (three-digit code on the back of your card), and your zip code

5. Accept the App Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy

6. Enter your email address and create a username and password. (You may use your email address as your username.)

7. Enter your full name

After following these steps, you are ready to use Card Valet!

Card Valet FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Card Valet

What is Card Valet? Is the app secure?
Yes! Card Valet is secure. It helps you protect yourself from card fraud. You can conveniently manage and monitor your Gates Banking and Trust Company debit card accounts anywhere you go.
What can I do with Card Valet?
You can set security measures from your phone or other mobile device and control your card access without having to call the bank. With the Card Valet app, you can view your account balances, recent debit card transactions, turn your card(s) on or off, set up and receive alerts, restrict or deny certain transactions, and locate surcharge-free ATMs. You can even manage and monitor other individual’s cards associated with your account.
How do I sign up for Card Valet?
Easy! Just download and install the free app from your device’s app store. Search for “Card Valet” and then follow the onscreen instructions to download and install. Then open the app, tap the ‘Sign Up Free’ button on the welcome, and follow the prompts. You will need your Gates Banking and Trust Company debit card to scan into the mobile device.
Is my card number stored on the mobile device when I register?
NO. Your card number is only used to verify service eligibility.
If I get locked out of Card Valet when I’m trying to sign up, how do I get reset?
You have three chances to enter the correct information. After the third attempt, you will get a message that says the registration is suspended. You can try again in 30 minutes or you can call support at 731-445-9587 to have it reset.
What if I forget my password for Card Valet?
Just tap the “Forgot Password” link on the Login screen, and follow the prompts to complete the password change.
What if I forget my username for Card Valet?
You will need to contact the bank for assistance. To prevent this from happening again, you can check the ‘Remember my username’ box on the Login screen.
If I notice my card is missing, how can I turn it off in Card Valet?
To turn the card off:
Tap the card you want to turn off
Slide the “Card ON/OFF” button to the “Off” gray position
To turn it back on just slide the same button to the “On” position
What determines My Location or My Region?
The device’s GPS. If you have My Location or My Region turned on and leave your phone at home, your card will not work.
If you travel outside of the Region that you have set, your card will not work.

Assistance with Card Valet App?
Our team will be happy to assist. Call us today at 731-445-9587.